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Hello to Colleagues in Library Associations across Canada's provinces and territories,

This message is being sent to update you on - an online archive of Canadian public libraries using Twitter to engage with their communities.  In partnership with a new graduate of the School of Information Studies / University of Ottawa, Max Neuvians, we are maintaining this archive and analytic tool to explore how Canadian public libraries are using Twitter to engage with thelr clients and communities.

The suite of metrics provided are free, updated daily, and easy to access or snag to insert in a library board report or community newspaper.  Trending topics provide keywords (via hashtags) for what's happening in any public library on a given day.

This site has been "live" since March 1st, 2012 and we know a number of libraries have been accessing the site to check on their metrics and to see what's happening in other public libraries across the country.

To date, there are 121 public library Twitter accounts being tracked.  The breakdown by province and territory is shown below.  We suspect that more libraries are establishing Twitter accounts every day and we'd like to include their interactions on 
We need your help!  Please spread the word!

Can you forward this message to all members of your library associations and invite them to visit our site or to contact me directly if they would like their library to be included.

We will be doing an Education Institute online webinar in February or March of 2013 to promote this site, to offer some ideas on how libraries can use Twitter with their communities and to share what we've learned.

Meanwhile, I can be reached at [log in to unmask] || (personal website) || 613.562.5800 x 7376 if you have questions, comments or to offer feedback on what you see. 

We hope you'll spread the word to your members - we think public libraries ROCK and we believe that no library is too small to benefit from using Twitter.


Mary Cavanagh & Max Neuvians

Distribution of Canadian public libraries with Twitter accounts (to date) on























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