Thanks, Joe, for your comments on the situation at LAC.  Not a rosy picture on so many fronts.


Although I can’t speak for our president Lou Duggan,  I believe the post was not intended as a call to action on this particular issue – I doubt that any of LAC’s recent decisions are easily reversible – but rather as a support for APLA advocacy generally going forward.   The main purpose of the Advocacy IG will be to aid the executive in identifying issues and in framing appropriate action. 


I have already received a number of expressions of interest from members.  The response is encouraging and I look forward to working with everyone.


Kind regards,






Jocelyne Thompson


Past President & Convener, Advocacy Interest Group

Atlantic Provinces Library Association




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Subject: Re: [APLA] LAC announcement and the APLA advocacy Interest Group


Thanks for your commentary on this announcement and your call to action, Jocelyn.  This really is a very sad (but not unexpected) development and it, along with LAC's rumoured plan to cease collecting Territorial and Provincial government documents, is far more indicative of where that organization is headed which is full retreat from its duties and responsibilities to the Canadian public (reassurances that it will continue to support ILL notwithstanding). 

However, one point that always come to my mind when the issue of the demise of LAC's ILL service and the future of Amicus arises (and mention of the large urban libraries brings it forth with greater force) is the abandonment of Amicus as a Union Catalogue by many of the largest Academic libraries in the country over the last 5-10 years.  The sad fact is that many of the libraries in this class have long since ceased to comprehensively report new holdings to Amicus seriously undermining its usefulness as an ILL tool and hastening the ever-increasing reliance on OCLC for accurate information on current holdings to the point where now, for many of the "big players", Amicus seems to be largely irrelevant.  It is not likely that such support-through-use would have derailed the Harper government from its plans for LAC but they certainly would not have had such an easy time of it. 

I think we can look to our own ranks when apportioning blame for the present sorry state of  national library services.

Joe Wickens

On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 7:48 AM, Lou Duggan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Good morning APLA members.

The announcement from LAC that Anita forwarded to this list (see below, and thanks to Anita) is something we could have guessed was coming. And although LAC claims that they will continue to facilitate ILL activities via Amicus, you don’t need a crystal ball to see that Federal commitment to Amicus (or a like service) in the future is tenuous at best. These changes will especially affect smaller library systems in rural and remote areas, many of which are in Atlantic Canada. Working in a university library in an urban center, it is sometimes difficult for myself or other members of your executive to understand the gravity of these issues or to have the best words to express our concerns to government and funding bodies.


I’d like to take this opportunity to renew our call for participation in the new advocacy interest group. We need input from all sizes and types of libraries in Atlantic Canada in order to more effectively perform our much needed advocacy activities. Those members who are interested in taking part in this group are asked to contact:

Jocelyne Thompson

Associate Director of Libraries, Collection Services

University of New Brunswick Libraries

Tel: (506) 458-7053

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Thank you,


Lou Duggan


Atlantic Provinces Library Association

School of Information Management, Faculty of Management - Kenneth C. Rowe Management Building
6100 University Avenue
Halifax, NS B3H 3J5


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Subject: [APLA] FW: Announcement from LAC: End of ILL Services


End of ILL Services


Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) will end in December 2012.  Users of LAC’s current services should note the following dates:


·         November 13, 2012: End of loan requests from international libraries.


·         November 16, 2012: End of renewals. All items loaned after this date will be non-renewable.


·         December 11, 2012: End of loan requests, location searches, and ILL-related photocopying services.


LAC’s ILL listserv (CANRES-L) and Canadian Library Gateway also will be archived in December 2012.


LAC will continue to facilitate interlibrary loan activities among other institutions through the ILL form in AMICUS, and through ongoing administration of Canadian Library Symbols. 


Through our modernized service channels, LAC will emphasize increased digital access to high-demand content.  LAC is working with Canada’s ILL user community in order to inform this approach to accessing the institution’s unique holdings.  





Fin des services de prêt entre bibliothèques (PEB)


Les services de prêt entre bibliothèques (PEB) de Bibliothèque et Archives Canada (BAC) prendront fin en décembre 2012. Les utilisateurs des services actuels de BAC devraient prendre note des dates suivantes :


·         Le 13 novembre 2012 : Fin des demandes de prêt des bibliothèques internationales.


·         Le 16 novembre 2012 : Fin des renouvellements. Aucun document prêté après cette date ne sera renouvelable.


·         Le 11 décembre 2012 : Fin des demandes de prêt, des recherches de localisation et des services de photocopie liés au prêt entre bibliothèques.


De plus, l’application Listserv (CANRES‑L) de BAC relative au prêt entre bibliothèques et la Passerelle des bibliothèques canadiennes seront archivées en décembre 2012.


BAC continuera de faciliter les prêts entre d’autres bibliothèques au moyen du formulaire de PEB d’AMICUS et de l’administration continue des sigles des bibliothèques canadiennes.


BAC modernise ses modes de prestation de services afin de mettre l’accent sur la croissance de l’accès numérique au contenu fréquemment consulté. BAC collabore avec les utilisateurs du PEB au Canada afin d’orienter cette démarche qui facilitera l’accès aux ressources documentaires uniques de l’institution.  



Document Delivery Department Head
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