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Library Value Statements:
CLA Project on National Statistical and Values Profile of Canadian Libraries

As part of a new project National Statistical and Values Profile of Canadian Libraries, the Canadian Library Association is currently gathering statements, testimonials, phrasings, and thoughts about the essential value of libraries to various constituencies including politicians, post-secondary officials, other community leaders, library users, funding agencies, and key librarian leaders.

As project lead for the CLA initiative, I invite you to offer "quotable quotes" for strategic use in CLA advocacy with politicians, policy makers, and the general public; a selection of quotations will also be posted to the CLA web site.

A "quotable quote" could be just one word, a short phrase, or a sentence that captures your basic thoughts and feelings about why libraries are needed - whatever the library sector.

To help you focus your thoughts, you might think about it this way:
When you hear the word "library," what pops into your head?
What is the key benefit -- or benefits -- of having a library in a community - whether that community comprises the general public or a targeted constituency such as post-secondary students/faculty/staff, or a more specialized clientele?

CLA would be very grateful for a personal contribution from you, and from 1 or 2 key leaders with whom you have personal contact.

Your response is needed by October 31, 2012, to Dr Alvin M Schrader at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Dr Alvin M Schrader
Project Lead
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