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*Mother Said There’d Be Days Like These: Dealing Professionally & Elegantly
With the Unforeseen at Work
*In any workplace, routine will be interrupted by events arising from
internal or external developments. The best laid plans are suddenly out the
window – but must be caught up once a crisis is dealt with. Clients’ and
colleagues’ needs must be attended to – within reason. Split second
decision making, poise, and calm are called for. Ulla de Stricker offers
straightforward tips and guidelines for negotiating these challenges with
professional and personal responsibility balanced by respect for ourselves.
Attendees will hear about

   - Strategies for creating “room for the unforeseen”
   - What constitutes a true emergency (vs. poor planning)
   - Ways to focus on solutions (vs. blame)
   - Strategies for capturing the learning from a challenging situation
   (for others and for ourselves)

Date: 17 September
Time: 2 pm EDT
Speaker: Ulla de Stricker

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Mr. Cabot Yu, MLIS
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