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The following online courses offered by the iSchool Institute are coming up this October:

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October 2012 ONLINE

Legal Research on the Web  <>
Mon. 1 Oct 2012 - Sun. 11 Nov 2012
7 weeks
Instructor: Erin Murphy
Fee: $450.00 
Cert: optional ($50.00)

This is an in-depth instructor-led web course focusing on legal research skills using Internet resources. Weekly classes cover a variety of law-related topics: participants are expected to read the weekly online course readings, use the web to practice the skills taught each week, participate in interactive online discussion groups and chat sessions with the instructor and fellow participants, and complete weekly assignments based on the material covered.
Aimed at librarians, articling students, researchers, government employees and those conducting legal research particularly within a legal environment. The course is at the introductory to intermediate level and assumes basic knowledge of using web resources.

"I thought this course was really excellent. The readings were clear and informative, and the assignments were realistic. I feel much more confident to undertake my job. Thank you!"
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Records Management Fundamentals  <>
Mon. 22 Oct 2012 - Sun. 8 Dec 2012
7 weeks
Instructor: Catherine Chornoboy
Fee: $770.00 
Cert: IM Fundamentals

This program provides a well-rounded introduction to the value and theory of records management and the basic skills of the profession in records inventory, retention scheduling, classification, storage, and in planning and managing a records management program. This certificate program provides the basics that people need when working with records whether they are just getting into the field and have no prior knowledge or are currently records management practitioners without formal training who wish to strengthen their knowledge and understanding. 

"I loved this course and would highly recommend it to anyone who is works in RIM.  There are so many issues I never considered and so many concepts to learn."
"I really enjoyed this course, and Dave as the instructor.  He kept me thinking!" 


Records Management Practice  <>
Mon. 22 Oct 2012 - Sun. 8 Dec 2012
7 weeks
Instructor: Caroline Werle
Fee: $770.0
Cert: RM Practice

This program expands upon the material covered in the Fundamentals certificate program and is directed towards individuals who have either completed the Fundamentals program or who have worked at the Records Technician or Analyst level within the Records Management field. Instructors in the Practice program will assume that students are already conversant with the topics covered in the Fundamentals program. 

In this seven-week course you will build on the fundamentals of records and information management by focusing on the challenges facing the profession today as it relates to effectively managing electronic records. The course focuses on the major components in managing the electronic information of an organization and will provide an understanding of what is involved in developing and managing an electronic records management program. Trends affecting the world of electronic information management will also be explored. 
The course is designed to be a combination of theoretical concepts supported by practical applications so that students learn the concepts, see how the concepts are applied, and then use them in real-life situations. The instructors are records management practitioners who speak from extensive experience and expertise. 

"I can't believe it was only few weeks...I felt like I learned a semester's worth of useful information".

Engaging Adult Learners: Strategies for Information Professionals  <>
Mon 29 Oct 2012 - Sun. 8 Dec 2012
6 Weeks
Instructor: Juanita Richardson
Fee: $450.00 
Cert: Optional ( $50.00)

Those working in information-intensive organizations, including libraries, records and information management, consultancies, legal and health research, IT and other functions, are increasingly helping clients or colleagues learn to use or do something. Life-long learning isnt just a slogan, its critical for all adults in their jobs, or finding a job, or expanding their personal or professional options. Information professionals, with their specialized knowledge of all types of content, tools, images, the Internet and processes, are well placed to play key roles as learning leaders.

This six week course guides you through the whole training process, from assessing learning needs of the targeted learners to selecting the right delivery method (face-to-face? E-learning? Blended?), to designing an engaging program, whether its an hour or multi-week. Working with the instructor and other students, you learn and practice strategies for making learning for adults interactive and relevant and gaining decision-maker support for learning programs. 

For more information and to register go to:  or call ( 416) 978 7111.