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The deadline for applications to the APLA General Activities fund is September 15, 2012. Details are below. Please submit applications (email preferred) to:


Lou Duggan
APLA President & Convener, Finance Committee
c/o Patrick Power Library
Saint Mary's University
923 Robie Street
Halifax, NS B3H 3C3
Tel: (902) 420-5534
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From the APLA Procedures Manual:


The General Activities Fund is designed to provide a flexible and streamlined funding procedure for activities and projects which serve to further the aims and objectives of the Association outside those activities dealt with through the normal budgetary process. It is not intended to fund activities connected with the annual conference.


The fund is open to any vice-President, committee or interest group convener, or member of APLA in good standing. Applications are to be made, in writing, to the Finance Committee. The requests received by 15 September of each year will be considered at the fall meeting of the Finance Committee, held in conjunction with the Executive meeting. The application should include the following information:


1. A description of the activity including, where applicable, the purpose, projected audience, and duration;


2. A budget proposal, indicating:

a. Whether the request is for seed money or in the form of a subsidy;

b. Whether other sources of revenue are to be used;

c. What expected revenues and expenditures are.


Also to be included in the application are the name of the activity coordinator and agreement that a financial accounting of the activity will be submitted to the Finance Committee within 60 days of the conclusion of the event, and that funds recovered from the activity will be returned to the Association at that time. When APLA cosponsors events with other groups, all groups should jointly share in the profits or deficits in accordance with the amounts contributed by each. APLA is to be acknowledged as a sponsor of the activity in any publicity on the event.


Requests for funding will be evaluated by the Finance Committee, in consultation with the appropriate Vice-President, based on:

1. Availability of funds;

2. Purpose of the activity (how clearly does it fulfill the aims and objectives of the Association);

3. Geographic location (if applicable);

4. Nature of the activity (does it duplicate an activity already scheduled for the area; is it a "fleeting opportunity"; does it appeal to a wider representation or a more specialized audience?);

5. Support available from other sources (if a cosponsored event) and the proposed financial arrangements;

6. Publicity plan which describes:

a. The means of informing APLA members who may wish to attend;

b. That APLA sponsorship is to be noted in the publicity;

c. Arrangement for wider media coverage, as applicable.


A report will be given by the Finance Committee at the fall Executive meeting on all requests received to that date. After that date, remaining funds will be considered for distribution to later projects, with some funds being held in reserve for this purpose. A report on the approved projects and the status of the fund will be printed in the APLA Bulletin following the fall Executive meeting. The Finance Committee's decision can be appealed to the Executive.


Guidelines for speakers' expenses:


1. Transportation

A speaker will normally receive regular economy airfare with APLA doing the booking; ground transportation to and from the airport and other ground transportation as required.


2. Accommodation and Meals

A speaker will normally be paid for one night's accommodation at a hotel of APLA's choice and be reimbursed for meal costs as follows:

Breakfast $ 8.00

Lunch $10.00

Dinner $24.00


3. The guidelines are subject to negotiation and payments should take into consideration individual circumstances and the overall financial position of the association. Speakers whose expenses are being paid from other sources should not be reimbursed again. An honorarium can also be considered in addition to, or in lieu of, expenses.


Sample application form:




1. Event/Activity:

2. Date & Times/Date, Heure:

3. Location/Emplacement

4. Description:

5. Relevance (Intended audience)/Pertinence de l'activité, (Clientele cible):

6. Publicity plan/Plan de publicité:

7. Estimated costs/Coûts tsestimés:

8. Estimated revenue & sources/Revenus estimés:

9. Seed grant $ or/ou Subsidy $ requested from APLA/demandé, de l'APLA.

10. Contact person - address, phone, fax, e-mail/Coordonnateur(trice) - adresse, tel, fax, e-mail:

11. Other sponsors/Autres commanditaires $

12. If the application is successful, I agree to submit a detailed financial accounting of this even on or before (Date 60 days after the event) to the Treasurer of APLA. If the receipts permit, the amount made available by APLA will be returned in full or in proportion to the contribution made by the other sponsors.

Si la demande est approuvée, j'accepte de remettre un rapport financier détaillé de l'activité avant le (Inscrire la date qui suit de 60 jours la date l'activit,) au Tr,sorier de l'APLA. Si les revenues g,n,r,s le permettent, le montant fourni par l'APLA sera retourn, en totalit, ou en proportion avec les contributions faites par d'autres commanditaires.


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