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Take the time this Summer to improve your teaching skills and learn about some new technologies to help make your Fall instruction sessions more exciting and interactive! 


Instruction Series: How to Improve Your Teaching Skills 

$75 each or $225 for the series 


Insights from the Performing Arts for Information Professionals Who Teach  with Sarah Polkinghorne 

1 hour web conference - Tuesday July 17 @ 12pm ET

Isn’t teaching like acting? Isn’t a good teacher the one who can stand at the front of the class and entertain? Recent library conference offerings have encouraged instruction librarians to play improv games and unleash their inner entertainers, suggesting that the answer to these questions is a straightforward “yes.” However, the relationship between instruction and performance is not so simple. High-quality library instruction requires more than just entertainment value. Many information professionals feel ambivalent about instructional work and may feel anxious about public speaking. An understanding of the nuanced performance aspects of library instruction is helpful for information professionals wishing to become effective, confident, self-aware instructors. This session will focus on several specific aspects of performance and how they can help us to understand and engage with library and information literacy instruction. The diverse theories and practices relied upon by performing artists can provide fresh insights for information professionals, whether they are learning how to teach or reflecting upon an established teaching practice.


Beyond Technology: the good, the bad and the ugly of creating screencasts with Silvia Vong 

1 hour web conference - Tuesday July 24 @ 12pm ET

Content that is delivered in the classroom is much different from how content is delivered in the virtual classroom. This session will present best e-learning practices and the pedagogy behind creating an effective multimodal screencast using Camtasia, a screen capture software. This session will also present examples of video tutorials that may struggle to present content in an engaging manner, as well as video tutorials that maximize learning through visual and audio cues. 


Learn How to Use Prezi for Dynamic Presentations! with Kate Cushon 

1 hour web conference - Tuesday July 31 @ 12pm ET

Prezi is a dynamic and engaging presentation format that can be used in lectures, presentations, videos - anywhere you would use PowerPoint! It's easy to learn, and a midlevel license is free for educators. Learn how to use Prezi to maximize learner engagement and communicate information effectively in an hourlong webinar that will include examples of how to use Prezi as well as demonstrations on how to get started.


The Lesson Plan: your roadmap to great teaching with Cara Bradley 

1 hour web conference - Tuesday August 14 @ 12pm ET 

Do you sometimes struggle to keep students interested during library instruction sessions? Looking for new and engaging ways to present information literacy concepts? Then this session is for you! Cara will draw on her experience as Associate Director for the University of Regina’s Centre for Teaching and Learning to lead participants through a range of innovative approaches to teaching that are particularly useful in a library setting.


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