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Subject: Coming up @ Education Institute: The Learning For the Future Series


The Learning For the Future Series: Working Toward National Standards for School Libraries

In anticipation of the upcoming Treasure Mountain Canada conference the following web conference series has been created to develop and encourage discussion of school library issues. 

Register for these as a series, or as individual web conferences. All participants will receive a link to the archived session to share with colleagues or review at a later date. 


PLEASE NOTE: If you have registered for the Treasure Mountain Canada conference in Ottawa on June 2-3, the cost of these webinars is included in the registration fee and it is not necessary to register again. 


Click here to Register for the Series for $125



Session #1 Tuesday May 22 @ 4pm ET Register Here for $50

Dr. Dianne Oberg: School Libraries in Education: the International Perspective 

Dr. Oberg will highlight what is happening in school libraries outside Canada and the United States. In her recent article in Education Canada, she states: “Other countries are undertaking library-based initiatives in response to the need to educate young people for the challenges of the 21st century. They are building on the potential of school libraries to enable students to become informed and engaged citizens”. 
See full article in Spring 2012 Education Canada 

Session #2 Thursday May 24 @ 4pm ET Register Here for $50

Alec Couros: Why Social Networks Matter in Learning for the Future

Social networking services often get the bad rap of “timewasters” or tools that kids use inappropriately. Yet in reality, there are many social networks built upon passion, kindness, transparency, sharing, and collaboration. This presentation will engage participants in a thoughtful exploration of these powerful human networks: the implications for practice, information and media literacy, and the shifting role of school systems.


Session #3 Tuesday May 29 @ 4pm ET Register Here for $50

Dr David Loertscher and Carol Koechlin: Learning Commons Alive!

The Learning Commons whole school approach to learning for the future offers paths of success for the entire school. School libraries across the country are embracing transformations. Each school and district has its own unique approach and starting point. Just how do you start? Who can help? What will you need? How will you know you are making a difference?

In this session we will meet teacher librarians, coordinators and principals who have begun the journey. These Learning Commons pioneers will share their special stories. Participants will have opportunities to ask questions and interact with the presenters. Collaboratively we will build some common understandings of just what it means to move to a Learning Commons approach.


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