Technology with a Smile!: Community Librarians’ use of technology to connect, engage and collaborate with community members with Christy Alyea

1 hour web conference - Thursday June 14 @ 3pm ET 

Although technology seems to have penetrated most societies and communities, some people still see technology as a barrier to accessing information and accessing services. Lack of skills, resources and understanding of how to use technology are some of the factors that might prevent an individual or groups from seeking or obtaining information that is critical in making their lives better. In line with the Community-Led Service Philosophy of the Edmonton Public Library, Community Librarians assist community members facing barriers and work with them to provide responsive library services based on the needs the community had identified. A big part of this work includes using technology in innovative ways to connect people, engage them and collaborate with them in evaluating services and developing relevant and interesting programs. 


From Wiis to flip cameras, laptops and internet sticks, cell phones and MP3 players --there are endless possibilities for using technology to enhance customer experiences with the library! This presentation will focus on how Community Librarians at EPL have successfully integrated technology into their community development work. We will discuss the impacts of this technology use and share success stories. What lessons have we learned from these experiences, and what is in store for the future? We hope to provide inspiring ideas for other libraries and give library workers a sense of how technology can be utilized and shared with positive results!


Pinterest for Libraries and Museums with Joe Murphy 

1 hour web conference - Tuesday June 19 @ 2pm ET 

Pinterest is not only extremely popular; it is also a powerful social tool for extending the reach of your library. This online session explores the basics ways to use Pinterest in your library and the advanced project applications.   


Pinterest is a virtual pinboard for online images. It serves as a way to discover or share pictures and infographics and visually curate online resources in a collaborative environment. Pinterest has more than 12 million users, drives more traffic than Google+, Linkedin, and YouTube combined, and has been called “2012’s hottest website”.  


This webinar about how to make the most of the popular virtual pin board site in your library includes advanced tips & considerations for beginners, novice, & pro Pinners and focuses on how Pinterest plays well with collection and service needs as a strong resource in the modern library tool box.


Michelle Arbuckle, MLIS

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