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The School of Information Management is very pleased to announce that Dr.
Fiona Black has been promoted to the rank of Full Professor, effective July
1, 2012. Since her arrival at the School of Information Management in 2001,
Dr. Black has worked tirelessly to move the School forward, both in her
capacity as a "regular" faculty member, and as former School director. Dr.
Black teaches in two of the programs offered within the School of
Information Management (the Master of Library and Information Studies and
the Master of Information Management).  The high quality of Dr. Black's
teaching is supported clearly by the glowing recommendations she has
received from current and former students, as well by the consistently high
SRI (student rating of instructor) scores that she has earned over the
years. Dr. Black places a very high value on engaging students in the
learning process, and is always innovative, flexible, and responsive to
student needs.


Dr. Black's scholarly activities are prodigious, timely, and innovative;
more importantly, perhaps, is their positive impact on the discipline.  Of
particular note is the continued high quality of Dr. Black's research
productivity even when she carried a significant administrative load.  Dr.
Black typifies the Renaissance model of scholarly research in the true
meaning of diversity and breadth of scope.


Dr. Black's contributions to the School, the Faculty of Management, the
University, and Information Management discipline and profession have been
nothing short of exemplary. Dr. Black can always be counted on to work
collaboratively and collegially in a large number of capacities, and to do
so with good grace, humour, compassion, intelligence, and kindness.  We at
the School are fortunate to work with such a gracious, giving,
collaborative, and generous colleague.


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Louise Spiteri


School of Information Management