Best Elevator Speech Contest – Enter to Win!



First Prize: $250

Second Prize: Free APLA membership for one year

Third Prize: APLA t-shirt


The Challenge: To make a convincing statement on the enduring relevance of libraries in the 21st century. Tell us in your own words why libraries matter.


The Scene: You step into an elevator of a big city hotel wearing a delegates badge from the library conference you are attending.  A fellow passenger notes your affiliation and, clearing his throat, says, rather bluntly, “Libraries, eh?  Aren’t they on the way out?  Doesn’t everybody just find everything on the internet now?  And read e-books?” 


We all get this kind of question - quite frequently now - and we can’t shy away from it.  We also more often than not respond inadequately--sometimes emotionally, sometimes pedantically, most often unconvincingly.  So, what do you say to your elevator friend?  


Your Task:  You have a maximum of two minutes to make a convincing case.  Remember, the opportunity to speak for libraries is fleeting and your response needs to be both upbeat and succinct.


Contest Information and Rules:

1. No purchase necessary!

2. Contest open to all APLA members in good standing: renew your membership now or join us for the first time!

3. Maximum of 200 words: The best elevator speech will be brief and to-the-point.

4. Participants may submit more than one entry.

5. Winners will be selected by an ad hoc subcommittee of the APLA executive.

6. Winners will be announced at the APLA Conference 2012 in beautiful Wolfville, Nova Scotia. 


Deadline to enter:  The contest runs February 1 to March 31, 2012.


How to enter: Click [log in to unmask] to submit your entry.  (Coming soon!  It will be possible to post your entry directly to the new APLA website, to be launched shortly.)  


Enter soon! Enter often! We’re all in this together!