Good morning all,


While we have yet to launch the APLA Bulletin’s January 2012 issue (coming very soon … with the new web site!), we are asking for fingertips to be put to keyboards for the upcoming March 2012 issue. This is the second-to-last issue before the APLA 2012 Conference, so get your ideas out there! Who knows, perhaps it will stir up conversation with your fellow delegates at Wolfville, NS!


The deadline for submissions has been pushed to Friday 24 February 2012 in light of the temporary shift in publication schedule due to the web site launch.


As always, the guidelines for submissions are attached. Please note that any feature articles/book reviews can be sent directly to the Co-Editors. Links to newsletters and brief news stories should be submitted to your Provincial VP.


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.




Alexandra Brooks Robinson & Nicole Dixon