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Feed: The 'M' Word - Marketing Libraries
Posted on: Monday, February 06, 2012 6:00 AM
Author: [log in to unmask] (Nancy Dowd)
Subject: Free Webinar: Building a LibraryAware Community through Outreach


Does your library need to build stronger community connections, but the thought of where to start leaves you feeling overwhelmed? I'm moderating a webinar that could inspire you to kick-start the process. Its free!

We have gathered together four amazing librarians - Molly Fogarty, Springfield City Library Director, Massachusetts; Gerry Meek, Calgary Public Library Chief Executive Officer, Alberta, Canada; and Tony Tallent, Director of Literacy and Learning and  Susan Lyon, Learning Engagement Manager,  Richland County Public Library, Columbia, South Carolina. Each of them have used some pretty amazing strategies to connect with their communities.

They are going to share the philosophies that helped them integrate outreach into their library’s DNA. They will talk about their programs that built strong community relationships, helped library staff members make incredible connections with high powered executives and helped a community get on board with using eBooks. Best of all, they will talk about how any of these programs can easily be scaled to your library.

And then we will move into “kitchen table” talks where our speakers will genuinely talk about the challenges they faced and overcame, as well as ideas they wished they had pursued (or still dream of pursuing).

The webinars are free. If you can't make it, register anyway and you'll be able to get access to the recorded version. 

Join us and get inspired by the energy, creativity, optimism, and leadership that have made each of these libraries successful.

Molly Fogarty, Springfield Library Director, Massachusetts
Susan Lyon, Richland County Library Learning Engagement Manager, Columbia, South Carolina
Gerry Meek, Calgary Public Library Chief Executive Officer, Alberta, Canada
Tony Tallent, Director of Literacy and Learning at Richland County Public Library, Columbia, South Carolina

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