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Winter and Spring 2012 - ONLINE

Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection 
Mon. 16 Jan 2012 - Mon. 5 Mar 2012
7 weeks
Instructor: David Hopkins
Fee: $435.00
Cert: $50.00 (optional)
Location: online

All corporations and organizations in Canada must comply with 
legislation concerning how they collect, use and disclose information 
about identifiable individuals and third parties. Public-sector 
institutions are also legally obligated to provide public right of 
access to their information resources. Ignorance of and/or failure to 
comply with legislative provisions concerning the use of these resources 
may expose an organization to financial, legal and public relations risks.

This instructor-led online course discusses, in practical terms, best 
management and protection of personal and sensitive information as well 
as access to public-sector information. Participants are provided with 
knowledge and tools to ensure proper control over organizational 
information resources and compliance with legislative requirements.

"The course was extremely beneficial at explaining all components of 
FIPP….I now feel confident in applying what I have learned in my job"
"Extremely valuable and useful. Very well laid out and organized”

Mastering Web Searching 
Mon. 23 Jan 2012 - Sun. 4 Mar 2012
6 weeks
Instructor: Gwen Harris
Fee: $435.00
Cert:$50.00 (optional)
Location: online

How can I find answers to my questions more quickly? Which Web search 
engines are the best? How are they best used? What tool should be used 
for what purpose? What is social media search and how does it fit in?

This in-depth course will help build skills in using the main web search 
tools and applying effective strategies for searching the Web. The 
course is completely updated for each session to include the latest 
features and rising stars among search tools. Mastering Web Searching is 
a six-week course conducted entirely via the Internet. The tours, 
exercises and assignments in this course along with direct tutoring from 
the instructor will give you the hands-on experience you need to search 
the Web more effectively.

"I thank you for your support and your advices all the way. I really 
loved this course, I learned so much. It was my first experience of 
distance learning and I must say that I didn't feel the distance at all. 
You were always there, very generous of your time and expertise."

Legal Research on the Web 
Mon. 27 Feb 2012 - Sun. 15 Apr 2012
7 weeks
Instructor: Erin Murphy
Fee: $450.00
Cert: $50.00 (optional)

This is an in-depth instructor-led web course focusing on legal research 
skills using Internet resources. Weekly classes cover a variety of 
law-related topics: participants are expected to read the weekly online 
course readings, use the web to practice the skills taught each week, 
participate in interactive online discussion groups with the instructor 
and fellow participants, and complete short written assignments based on 
the material covered.

"The work that went into this course was obvious. The attention to 
detail and the quality of the material and it's sources shone through."
"I am becoming addicted to the chase and can hardly wait to see what 
each Monday will bring. I am also amazed at how comprehensive your 
materials are."

Records Management Fundamentals 
Mon. 19 Mar 2012 - Sun. 6 May 2012
7 weeks
Instructor: David Hopkins
Fee: $750.00
Cert: RM Fundamentals
Location: online

This program provides a well-rounded introduction to the value and 
theory of records management and the basic skills of the profession in 
records inventory, retention scheduling, classification, storage, and in 
planning and managing a records management program. This certificate 
program provides the basics that people need when working with records 
whether they are just getting into the field and have no prior knowledge 
or are currently records management practitioners without formal 
training who wish to strengthen their knowledge and understanding.

"I loved this course and would highly recommend it to anyone who is 
works in RIM. There are so many issues I never considered and so many 
concepts to learn."
"I really enjoyed this course, and Dave as the instructor. He kept me 

Records Management Practice (focus on Electonic Records) 
Mon. 12 Mar 2012 - Sun. 29 Apr 2012
7 weeks
Instructor: Caroline Werle
Fee: $750.00
Cert: RM Practice
Location: online

This program expands upon the material covered in the Fundamentals 
certificate program and is directed towards individuals who have either 
completed the Fundamentals program or who have worked at the Records 
Technician or Analyst level within the Records Management field. 
Instructors in the Practice program will assume that students are 
already conversant with the topics covered in the Fundamentals program.

In this seven-week course you will build on the fundamentals of records 
and information management by focusing on the challenges facing the 
profession today as it relates to effectively managing electronic 
records. The course focuses on the major components in managing the 
electronic information of an organization and will provide an 
understanding of what is involved in developing and managing an 
electronic records management program. Trends affecting the world of 
electronic information management will also be explored.

"This course exceeded my expectations in every way...thank you".
"I can't believe it was only few weeks...I felt like I learned a 
semester's worth of useful information".

For more information and to register go to: <> 
or call ( 416) 978 7111.