Dear APLA members:

Jane Beaumont, of Beaumont and Associates and current Chair, CNIB Board of
Directors, visited the University of New Brunswick last week to discuss the
national digital HUB proposal to support library services for Canadians with
print disabilities.  Jane met with John Teskey and myself for about an hour.
Prior to her arrival, Jane had forwarded the attached discussion document.
I am sharing it with all of you, with Jane's permission.  Jane is keen that
awareness be raised amongst potential partners.  Feel free to share with
others as you see fit. 

Jane was also clear that this is not a CNIB-owned initiative, nor that the
HUB will be CNIB-run.  CNIB has retained a project leader using one time
government funding to develop a plan in partnership with interested parties
including public libraries. A governance model will be developed once a
funding model is established.

Contact information is provided in the attached for anyone who might want to
provide feedback on this initiative.

Best regards,


Jocelyne Thompson
APLA President

Tel: 506-458-7053
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