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Engaging Adult Learners: Strategies for Information Professionals 
Mon. 24 Oct 2011 - Sun. 27 Nov 2011
6 Weeks
Instructor: Rebecca Jones and Juanita Richardson
Fee: $445.00
Cert: optional

Those working in information-intensive organizations, including 
libraries, records and information management, consultancies, legal and 
health research, IT and other functions, are increasingly helping 
clients or colleagues learn to “use” or “do” something. Life-long 
learning isn’t just a slogan, it’s critical for all adults in their 
jobs, or finding a job, or expanding their personal or professional 
options. Information professionals, with their specialized knowledge of 
all types of content, tools, images, the Internet and processes, are 
well placed to play key roles as learning leaders.

This six week course guides you through the whole training process, from 
assessing learning needs of the targeted learners to selecting the right 
delivery method (face-to-face? E-learning? Blended?), to designing an 
engaging program, whether it’s an hour or multi-week. Working with the 
instructor and other students, you learn and practice strategies for 
making learning for adults interactive and relevant and gaining 
decision-maker support for learning programs.

January 2012

Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection 
Mon. 16 Jan 2012 - Mon. 5 Mar 2012
7 weeks
Instructor: David Hopkins
Fee: $435.00
Cert: optional

All corporations and organizations in Canada must comply with 
legislation concerning how they collect, use and disclose information 
about identifiable individuals and third parties. Public-sector 
institutions are also legally obligated to provide public right of 
access to their information resources. Ignorance of and/or failure to 
comply with legislative provisions concerning the use of these resources 
may expose an organization to financial, legal and public relations risks.
This instructor-led online course discusses, in practical terms, best 
management and protection of personal and sensitive information as well 
as access to public-sector information. Participants are provided with 
knowledge and tools to ensure proper control over organizational 
information resources and compliance with legislative requirements.

"The course was extremely beneficial at explaining all components of 
FIPP….I now feel confident in applying what I have learned in my job"

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