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 "The Shrug Factor: 

 Media Literacy and Digital  Citizenship"




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"The Shrug Factor" is about critical thinking.  Instead of "shrugging away"
the images, messages and information we are inundated with every day, we
need to stop and ask questions.  "Does anyone in this music video look like
me?"  "Why are those girls acting like that?"  "Do I need this piece of
technology to be cool?"  Karen Horsman talks to students and parents about a
range of issues from stereotypes to digital citizenship.  

Karen is passionate about media literacy and also believes there's an
opportunity to involve character Ed.  How students use technology can say a
lot about the people they want to be.  Cyber bullying is a huge part of this
digital discussion. 

This presentation is high energy with clips, music and lots more!  Karen
includes a resource sheet for parents loaded with Web sites and book

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About the Presenter...
Karen Horsman has been in the world of media for 25 years and is currently
working at CBC radio on shows such as Metro Morning and As it Happens.  She
was also the national parenting columnist for close to 10 years.  She's seen
an incredible amount of change in the industry but the last few years have
been the most remarkable with students accessing a digital world we could
never have imagined.

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