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Mobile App Development for Libraries

 with Graham McCarthy

Tuesday November 1, 2011 @ 2pm ET

a clear, understanding of the steps in creating mobile applications

My session will discuss mobile application development for Libraries,
focusing on why you should be creating mobile web or native apps, the steps
involved, the staff skill-sets and time demands, the various states of
development and available tools that you can utilize to assist your
development. Topics include: 

steps involved in creating mobile applications

skill sets and staff requirements for these projects

examples of what libraries are currently doing with their mobile spaces

tools and references to help institutions get up and running quickly.


Canadian Copyright, DRM and eBooks: A Primer for Librarians

 with Dr. Sam Trosow

Thursday November 3, 2011 @ 2pm ET

Participants will get an understanding of the Copyright Act and potential
new legislation, providing the necessary groundwork for analyzing and
crafting solutions in particular situations.

This session will focus on how Digital Rights Management fits into the
current landscape of Canadian Copyright; how DRM affects the usage of eBooks
in academic and public library environments and thoughts on how this may
play out in the future. 


The Basics of Genealogy Research

 with Penny Allen

Monday November 7, 2011 @ 1pm ET

In order to understand the questions that genealogy patrons ask it is
important for staff to know what processes must be accomplished before
coming to the library. For example, collecting basic data on births,
marriages and deaths from family members is necessary to build a stable base
of research. This talk will provide library staff with a basic understanding
of the first steps of genealogy research and provide some resources that
genealogists may use to get started.


Does Being a Manager Scare You?:
16-4273>   learn the secrets of being a good manager 

 with Ulla de Stricker

Tuesday November 8, 2011 @ 2pm ET

Taking on a managerial role can be daunting the first time, and there are
many pitfalls. The session covers some simple guidelines with a focus on
enabling others to perform, and provides an opportunity for attendees to ask
"difficult" questions.

Drawing on several chapters in "The Information and Knowledge Professional's
Career Handbook: Define and Create Your Success", co-author Ulla de Stricker
discusses fundamental principles of "being a good manager" and offers simple
yet powerful tips for being effective through being authentic. 


The Reps Recommend: top pics for adult non-fiction

 with Maylin Scott

Thursday November 10, 2011 @ 2pm ET

Two library sales reps who are passionate readers, will present their picks
for favourite adult non-fiction titles of the year, from biography and
history to politics and culture. These will include books by Canadian and
international writers, books suitable for bookclubs, overlooked gems and
above all, just great and thought-provoking reads. All titles have been
personally read and loved by the reps. 



Supervisory Skills for Library Staff
16-4288>  with Cheryl Stenstrom

Six week online course starting Monday October 31, 2011

For first-time supervisors and staff new to the library workplace,
supervising and leading can be a daunting task. In addition to working with
customers, supervisors need to deal with administration, staff motivation
and performance management. Based on the hugely popular Supervisory Skills
for Library Staff course in BC's Ministry of Education's Community Library
Training Program, this six-week online course is a mix of practical
exercises and management theory and will give anyone new to libraries or
those needing a refresher a chance to strengthen their skills as a team
leader.    Each week, you'll receive an email with the lesson for that week,
plus practice exercises that will help you work through the week's sources
and reinforce your learning. A web-based bulletin board will enable you and
other participants to ask questions of the instructor and to provide online
feedback about problems incurred. This course is the right one for you if
you enjoy interacting online with other participants and the instructors to
share knowledge and experiences as participants will be asked to contribute
actively to the bulletin board discussion by sharing questions and comments.
The course will include a teleconference call with you and your fellow
participants, hosted by the instructor, to give advice and clarify the
learning experience.


Facelifts for special libraries: Practical tips for giving your library a

: a four part series with Dawn Bassett

Four week online course starting Wednesday November 9, 2011

Tired of looking at the same old four walls?  Want to give your small
library a lift but don't have much money or time?  Library makeovers don't
have to be expensive or terribly time-consuming.  With a little planning and
some creative thinking, you'd be surprised at what you might come up with. 

o Participants will learn techniques to assess their existing spaces 

o Participants will learn ways to build successful teams for their
revitalization projects

o Participants will learn basic project planning skills

o Participants will learn basic techniques for reading and developing floor

o Participants will learn about basic tools for revitalizing their digital
library spaces with web tools or social media


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