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Join us for Netspeed 2011: The Human Side of Technology, October 19 – 21 in

Jesse Hirsh, broadcaster, speaker, researcher and strategist will share his
provocative ideas with *Libraries and the Battle for the Future*. You may be
familiar with Jesse in his role as a technology commentator on CBC Radio.

Kevin Franco, co-founder of Enthrill Entertainment, will entertain and
enlighten us with*Thrillerize: The Power of Transmedia Storytelling*,
Enthrill’s ground-breaking approach to telling a story using a variety of

Netspeed 2011 takes you beyond bits and bytes to focus on how technology
makes life easier, improves service and helps meet customer demands, with
breakout sessions featuring library and technology leaders from across North

Netspeed will be a valuable and rewarding experience for the entire library
community, from decision-makers to library and IT staff.

Check out our program and register online now!

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