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2011 Census swag and information is now available from Statistics Canada. I’m including Christopher Brideau’s contact information again if anyone wants to order posters and/or bookmarks or if you have any questions for him.


He was pleased with the interest shown in the recruitment material and is looking forward to an equally enthusiastic response to this.


Christopher Brideau

Communication Officer | Agent de communication

Census-Halifax | Recensement-Halifax

Census - LCO - Dartmouth | Recensement - BLR - Dartmouth / Floor 8 | Étage 8

Statistics Canada | 99 Wyse Road, Suite 800, Dartmouth NS B3A 0C1

Statistique Canada | 99, Rue Wyse, suite 800, Dartmouth NÉ B3A 0C1

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Telephone | Téléphone 902-407-7728

Facsimile | Télécopieur 902-407-7740


Thanks everyone!