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Those of us lucky enough to work in libraries have seen and heard it all, haven't we? Patrons have given us impressively creative excuses, I mean perfectly valid reasons, for their overdue items; we've been asked to find answers to the most bizarre questions; we've caught library users in various corners of the stacks in, ahem, awkward positions. 

We share these wonderful stories at conferences, in the lunchroom, and with friends who respond incredulously with "Really?! In the library???!!!"  These are the type of stories that simply need to be shared.

I am collecting these wonderful stories and compiling them in a book. You can submit your story online on my website:

On the website you can also read a few teaser stories, find out where I will be during the year (maybe we can get together and talk about your stories), and see some of the images created by my excellent illustrator. I'm blogging my progress and you can follow me on Twitter

I can't wait to read your stories and I'm even more excited to share them. So, click here and tell me all about it. Who knows…maybe your story will be featured on the site or illustrated in the book!

Please feel free to forward to other listserves and colleagues.

In anticipation of your sharing your story, I thank you very much. 

Lindsay Glynn, MLIS
Health Sciences Library
Memorial University of Newfoundland