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This is a reminder that two online courses start on Monday Oct 18: Mastering Web Searching with Gwen Harris; and Records Management Practice with Caroline Werle. 
Also - our new online course Engaging Adult Learners: Strategies for Information Professional with Rebecca Jones starts on Nov 1

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Fall 2010 - online courses

Records Management Practice 
Mon. 18 Oct 2010 - Sun. 28 Nov 2010
6 weeks
Instructor: Caroline Werle
Fee: $725.00 
Cert: RM Practice

This program focuses on electronic records and is directed towards individuals who have either completed the RM Fundamentals program or who have worked at the Records Technician or Analyst level within the Records Management field. Instructors in the Practice program will assume that students are already conversant with the topics covered in the Fundamentals program. 

"This course exceeded my expectations in every way...thank you Caroline"
"I can't believe it was only six weeks...I felt like I learned a semester's worth of useful information"

"I would recommend this course to everyone. I wish there were more like it. I went to Internet sites and accessed information I never knew was available and which will be most useful in my job"

Mastering Web Searching <> 
Mon. 18 Oct 2010 - Sun. 5 Dec 2010
7 weeks
Instructor: Gwen Harris
Fee: $435.00 
Cert: Web Search Strategies (optional)

How can I find answers to my questions more quickly? Which Web search engines are the best? How are they best used? What tool should be used for what purpose? This in-depth course will help build skills in using the main web search tools and applying effective strategies for searching the Web. The course is completely updated for each session to include the latest features and rising stars among search tools. Mastering Web Searching is a seven-week course conducted entirely via the Internet. The tours, exercises and assignments in this course along with direct tutoring from the instructor will give you the hands-on experience you need to search the Web more effectively

"I thank you for your support and your advices all the way. I really loved this course, I learned so much. It was my first experience of distance learning and I must say that I didn't feel the distance at all. You were always there, very generous of your time and expertise." 
""It's a shock to have finished the course and not have another assignment to do. I still need to practice some things to get them right but I now have a lot of tools to work with that most people don't even know exist and I am able to search for information for some of my colleagues with more results than before." 


Engaging Adult Learners: Strategies for Information Professionals <> (replaces: Information Professional as Educator)
Mon. 1 Nov 2010 - Fri. 10 Dec 2010
6 Weeks (18 hours) 
Instructor: Rebecca Jones
Fee: $445.00 

An essential course for Consultants and information professionals (librarians, records and information managers, archivists, museum professionals, legal and health researchers, etc.), IT professionals and those who currently or will in the near future train adults to “do” or “know” or “use” something; this includes those educating students in post-secondary environments.

Those working in information-intensive organizations are increasingly helping clients or colleagues learn to “use” or “do” something. Life-long learning isn’t just a slogan, it’s critical for all adults in their jobs, or finding a job, or expanding their personal or professional options. Information professionals, with their specialized knowledge of all types of content, tools, images, the Internet and processes, are well placed to play key roles as learning leaders.
This six week course guides you through the whole training process, from assessing learning needs of the targeted learners to selecting the right delivery method (face-to-face? E-learning? Blended?), to designing an engaging program, whether it’s an hour or multi-week. Working with the instructor and other students, you learn and practice strategies for making learning for adults interactive and relevant and gaining decision-maker support for learning programs. 

“I would recommend this course to any trainer. When one is working full-time it is nearly impossible to attend a F2F course on a schedule. I found the content very helpful and I learned a lot that will help me in my daily work. It's also a great value for a professional course"

Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection  <>
Mon. 17 Jan 2011 - Sun. 6 Mar 2011
7 weeks
Instructor: David Hopkins
Fee: $435.00 
Cert: FIPP Compliance (optional)

All corporations and organizations in Canada must comply with legislation concerning how they collect, use and disclose information about identifiable individuals and third parties. Public-sector institutions are also legally obligated to provide public right of access to their information resources. Ignorance of and/or failure to comply with legislative provisions concerning the use of these resources may expose an organization to financial, legal and public relations risks. 
This instructor-led online course discusses, in practical terms, best management and protection of personal and sensitive information as well as access to public-sector information. Participants are provided with knowledge and tools to ensure proper control over organizational information resources and compliance with legislative requirements. 

This is a comprehensive course balancing text, online group discussions, and exercises that allow participants to practice what they're learning. Participants are provided with practical materials to use at their respective worksites, including access to information and privacy protection audit tools, sample forms, and sample compliance-related deliverables

"The course was extremely beneficial at explaining all components of FIPP….I now feel confident in applying what I have learned in my job" 
""I recommend this course to everyone. Not only to those who may be involved with Protection of Privacy issues directly, but everyone who values their personal information."

Taxonomy Guide: Online Resource & Learning Tool  <>
1 year subscription
Fee: $199.00 

Enterprises are increasingly turning to taxonomies to navigate through structured and unstructured information dispersed through the organization. Taxonomies, based on classification, controlled terms, and assigned metadata, provide the topical views for representing and navigating an organization's knowledge resources on a network. 
The Taxonomy Guide is a web resource of organized, structured, and clearly written content on building and implementing an enterprise taxonomy. The Guide is both a learning tool and a reference resource designed to help you master the concepts, relationships and essential steps for taxonomy design and project planning. 
The Guide consolidates and improves the usability of information about taxonomies that is typically fragmented and dispersed and, in many cases, difficult or expensive to acquire. 

You may register at any time throughout the year; your subscription fee covers access to The Taxonomy Guide for 12 months from date of registration. You can renew your subscription for as long as you wish in order to keep up-to-date in this rapidly developing area. 

For more information, course descriptions, bios and to register go to:; call: (416) 978 7111 or e-mail: [log in to unmask]