The Human Library begins TOMORROW!

Friday's events will be held at the Vaughan Memorial Library, Acadia  
Saturday's event will be held at the Wolfville Memorial Public Library.

Here is a list of our fantastic Living Books!

Friday 10am-2pm
An Intern in Ghana
Osteopath, Midwife, Queer Mom
Living with Near Death
The Bellyancing Librarian
My Life in Broadcasting
What It Is Like to Have a Brain Injury

Friday 4pm-8pm
International Student Experience
75 Years as a Social Activist
Former Russian
10 Years of One Meal a Day
In a Nut Shell: My Journey as a Bipolar Bear Type 1
How I Was Able to Create the Life of My Dreams
Three Loves, Three Trajedies
Living With Mental Illness

Saturday 10am-2pm
Living the Dream: A Family Farm
Being a Female Refugee
An African Boy's Fights
Creative Economic Survival in Rural NS
Female Trade Union Activist
Herding Cats: Volunteers in Activism & Publishing The Queer Community
Retiree: Challenging Myself With a Cross Canada Bike Ride
Plus Maurice Tugwell will chat with you one on one about his time on  
the Concordia!!

Check out our website for more information:

Please join us! It will be an event to remember!


Pamela Maher, MLIS
Academic Librarian

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Acadia University
Wolfville, NS