Dear APLA Members,


Interest groups are an easy and fun way to get involved in your association.  Thank you to those who have agreed to convene an interest group for this year: Cordelia Perry (Collections Development), Denyse Rodrigues (Continuing Education), Erin Comeau (Francophone), Karen Darby (Library Technicians), and

Amanda Rose Horsman (Information Literacy).


If you would like to become involved, APLA is seeking convenors for the following interest groups:

·         Computers and Connectivity

·         Conservation of Library Materials

·         New Librarians and Information Professionals

·         Youth Services


The Executive has approved a budget of $1,000 to support interest group activities in 2010-2011 and various communication tools are available to IG convenors via the APLA website to engage those with shared interests in discussion about current issues. It’s exciting to have so many new ways to connect in a region where distance has sometimes impeded active involvement in the business – and pleasure - of the association.  There’s a lot of scope for those with creative minds and a passion for our issues to revitalize our interest groups and make a difference to the community. 


Please contact me off-list if you are interested in convening one of the groups listed above, or for more information.


Thank you!







Jocelyne Thompson, APLA VP/ President Elect

Associate Director of Libraries (Collection Services)

University of New Brunswick Libraries


Digital Licensing Coordinator

Council of Atlantic University Libraries

Tel: 506-458-7053

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