Dear colleagues,

Each year during its strategic Retreat, the Faculty of Management announces
a series of awards to colleagues. These awards relate to achievements in
teaching, research and administration. This year, two members of the School
of Information Management were honoured with awards, Drs Anatoliy Gruzd and
Fiona Black.

Award for Exceptional Interdisciplinary Endeavour in Scholarly Research -
Anatoliy Gruzd


Dr Gruzd was only in our Faculty a few weeks before offering to put his own
research expertise to use for the benefit of the Faculty's goal of seeking
opportunities for shared research across Schools and subject domains. His
work, using his Network Analytics software is already helping individual
faculty members to see who else has related interests. 


With degrees in both computer science and library & information science,
Anatoliy's interdisciplinary research crosses many borders. For example:


.         within the School and with other departments at Dalhousie,
Anatoliy is involved with colleagues in a study analyzing if and how
information from biomedical research literature is disseminated to
non-specialists through the blogosphere

.         with senior colleagues in the Faculty of Computer Science at
Dalhousie University, he is active in research in the Web Information
Filtering Lab

.         at the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto,
Anatoliy collaborates with Dr. Barry Wellman on a SSHRC-funded initiative
investigating how online social media and networks are changing the ways
scholars disseminate knowledge

.         at the Department of Humanities at the New Jersey Institute of
Technology, Anatoliy works with Dr. Nancy Steffen-Fluhr and other
colleagues, studying gender-driven institutional change using co-authorship
networks to help reduce women's isolation in technological organizations

.         finally, at the Department of Media and Communication at YeungNam
University in South Korea, Dr. Gruzd collaborates with Dr. Han Woo Park and
his team at the WCU Webometrics Institute investigating internet-based
politics using e-research tools


Award to Senior Administrator for Exceptional Service to the Faculty of
Management - Fiona Black 

[From Dean Peggy Cunningham] I am grateful to work with someone so well
respected by her colleagues. Fiona is most deserving of the award due in
part to her seven years of leadership with the School of Information
Management, and her role as Associate Dean in charge of external programs.
Fiona is a person who exemplifies our mission: always leading with integrity
and thoroughly getting things done. When Fiona was in charge of the search
committee for the Director of the School of Business, I was so impressed
with her professionalism, organizational skills, and kindness, that she was
one of the prime reasons I decided to join Dalhousie.  I value her greatly
as a friend as well as a colleague.

[From SIM colleagues] Fiona has demonstrated exemplary leadership and she
supports and models collaboration. Her commitment to interdisciplinarity is
amply evident in initiatives she has undertaken as Associate Dean. She
strongly endorses the interdisciplinary character of the Faculty of
Management and has worked tirelessly to advance initiatives that embrace
cross-school/program activities. Her strengths include the ability to see
beyond the parochial to the larger perspective of the big picture where all
aspects of the Faculty of Management benefit. She has enormous capacity and
energy for extensive work and a willingness to work until the objectives
have been achieved. Her reputation as a very capable administrator extends
well beyond the Faculty of Management to the wider university and to
national and international circles. On top of all of these characteristics,
she has a personality that relates effectively with all members of the

Kind regards,


JoAnn Watson


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