Nominations for APLA Merit Award

Which esteemed colleague would you like to add to this list?

1975 Jessie Mifflen
1975 M.E. (Mollie) Cameron
1976 James MacEacheron
1977 Evelyn Campbell
1978 Hubert Button
1979 Norman Horrocks
1980 Agnes O'Dea
1981 Shirley Elliott
1982 Norman Skinner
1983 Eileen Travis
1985 Gertrude Gunn
1987 Katherine Le Butt
1988 Carin Somers
1989 Henry Bramwell
1990 Douglas Lochhead
1991 Pearce Penny
1992 Alfred Bailey
1993 Iain Bates
1995 Barbara Kincaid
1995 Diane MacQuarrie
1996 Eric Swanick
1997 Suzanne Sexty
1998 Margot Ellen Schenk
1999 Alban Arsenault
2001 Peter Glenister
2003 Joy Tillotson
2004 Claude Potvin
2005 Michael Colborne
2006 Madeleine Lefebvre
2007 Richard Ellis
2008 Gwyn Pace
2009 Sylvie Nadeau

Presented at the Banquet during the Annual Conference, the APLA Merit Award honours an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to library services in the Atlantic Provinces.  Some of the contributions that might be considered in selecting a person for this award are; leadership in library associations at the local, regional and provincial levels; contributions to the development, application and utilization of library services and library systems; significant contributions to library literature.

Nominations should be submitted by March 31, 2010 to:

Susan Cleyle

APLA Past President

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