IM Public Lecture

We never see each other anymore: Communicating with science users in the
virtual library

Sarah Stevenson

Date: 17 March 2010
Time: 3:00-4:00pm
Location: Room 3089, Rowe Building


The information landscape has changed dramatically in the last decade with
increased availability and usage of online materials. Faculty and students
who used to frequent the physical library are now rare personal visitors,
understandably preferring the convenience of electronic access from the
offices and laboratories. This has had a significant impact on communication
between members of the Faculty of Science and the Science librarians. This
lack of face-to-face interaction has resulted in the librarians being less
aware of the scientists' needs, and I hypothesize that the scientists'
awareness of library services is similarly deficient. Through the course of
interviews of a small sample of research groups in 3 Dalhousie Faculty of
Science departments, I seek to find out how scientists are meeting their
academic/research information needs, and how the libraries can be of
assistance with their information-seeking and management.

Speaker Information
Stevenson is the Physical Sciences Librarian at the Killam Library of
Dalhousie University where she is the subject liaison for Chemistry, Physics
& Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics and the History of Science
& Technology. A second-career librarian, she holds a BSc in Chemistry from
the University of New Brunswick and spent her first career life as
production and quality control chemist with Diagnostic Chemicals Limited in
Charlottetown PEI. After nearly 10 years with DCL, she traded in analytical
chemistry for librarianship, graduating from Dal's MLIS programme in 2001.
She has been with the Dalhousie University Libraries since July 2001.