Dear colleagues,

Today's Information Without Borders student-led conference was an enormous
success and the two hundred attendees can attest to the value of the
thought-provoking sessions. Everyone I spoke with commented on the very high
calibre of the speakers and of the wonderful attention to detail in the
organization of the event.

Planning a conference program and organizing the logistics for such an event
require great commitment and take considerable amounts of time. The students
who led this year's IWB Conference deserve not only our thanks but our
admiration. Warm kudos to Geoffrey Allen, conference chair, and the conference
team: Danielle Cossarini, Erik Fjeldstrom, Charmaine Fraser, Nora Kennedy, Erin
O'Halleran, Robin Parker, Kirsta Stapelfeldt and Mary Zuzulenchuk.

In addition to this core group's terrific work over many months, a great
additional team of volunteers helped out during the conference itself -- thank
you for helping to make the registrants feel so welcome.

Memories of conferences tend to be a blend of the intellectual content and the
logistics -- today's event was superb on both fronts. This means that folk will
want to come back next year!

First year students, I know you will rise to the challenge for the 5th IWB
conference in 2011, and you certainly have a wonderful model to follow!

With very best wishes,
Fiona B.

Fiona A. Black, PhD
Associate Dean of Management (External Programs)
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