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Attached is an email from Gerri Frager, Director of Medical Humanities, who responded to an email I sent her this morning.


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Subject: RE: ELECTIVES curriculum review

Hi all,
Thanks for including me in this loop.
To clarify: the component of Humanities that was not continued this year - was the Speaker Series, which Dr. Stewart had set up as one component of the Humanities Elective experience. The full speaker series has been on-hold for this year as not timely to arrange for speakers, dates, etc with my start date., although there will be some speakers throughout the year but not part of the "Humanities Elective".
However, the Humanities Elective option has continued. This continues to be a combination of clinical:humanities focus or solely Humanities focus without a direct clinical component. Connie Leblanc has 2 students in this capacity who arranged this directly with her, I have met with students to either take them on myself or discuss their objectives for such an elective & match them with a preceptor.  
A snag emerged with Emergency Medicine:Humanities electives, where some students were perceived as opting for an ER-Humanities Elective when they were not successful in the EM lottery for an Emerg spot (felt to be trying to get EM through a back-door access that appeared/was inequitable to others). This is no longer a possible option for students as the EM preceptors & Elective preceptors for Emergency Medicine will not accept students seeking this option. They must apply via the lottery process.
As for Electives within the Humanities, I absolutely agree these must be formalized and advertised along with all the other elective options. The framework stands that any student expressing an interest in an elective with a partial or full humanities component can seek out their preceptor & arrange this with letting me know, by meeting with me & I co-ordinate a preceptor (who may sometimes be me) to match them with according to the area of interest/focus. Ideally, we would have preceptors list what areas they have as proposed areas of interest, so that students can run through the options that fit with what is already of interest to them, or inspires them to design an elective, and we then proceed with a preceptor match-up.
So, in addition to what exists for Humanities Electives now - what would I like to see next year?

A core group of Preceptors with highlights of what areas they are interested in (the group & topics can always be expanded upon)
More inclusion/collaboration with our community & academic partners in the Arts: Dal 's Department of Literature, Dal's Department of Music, NSCAD, AGNS, Symphony Nova Scotia, various theatre companies, and individual photographers, graphic artists, etc.
Renewal of the Speaker Series with broader involvement of our diverse faculty & community partners in the Arts.
I also believe that some of the areas as listed in the CMA document that David Carver appended do need to be incorporated as part of core curriculum (which currently falls under the Professional Competencies Group in Curriculum Renewal planning).
                           Dr. Gerri Frager
Medical Director                      Professor, Pediatrics
Pediatric Palliative Care         Director, Medical Humanities
IWK Health Centre                 Dalhousie University
                  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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