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Hello Dave,
You have raised some very important issues which will be helpful as we move along in this process.  We will inquire from the Humanities Programme as to the current situation as there had been a change in leadership in that discipline.
Over the years, some students have done Electives in the Leadership/Administration domain e.g. doing a rotation in the Dalhousie Admissions Office, etc.  However, these have been only a few.  Such Electives neither fall into the Clinical category nor Research.  I agree that such opportunities should be expanded.  Maybe “Leadership” is a category that needs to be created.
One major variable that has now come into play in curriculum renewal is the off-site i.e. St. John.  Accreditation requires that the curriculum delivered here in Halifax should be the same as that at the St. John site (similar, not necessarily identical).  Therefore, the Electives opportunities available to students in St. John should be somewhat similar to the ones in Halifax.  This principal will have to be kept in mind in developing any strategies related to the Electives curriculum.
14, Jan 2009


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Hi everyone,

Great introduction Dr. Rashid. I am a Med II student and completely agree that the electives unit is a strong point of our current curriculum. Dal students step foot in the hospital earlier than most students in the country and electives provide us with the opportunity to be independent and self-directed in our learning there.

A few points...


I agree that it would be helpful to clarify the role of the team. If our role is only to discuss electives (an already well functioning unit) I struggle with why "longitudinal experiences" was added to our name? It might be helpful to get Dr. Delva's opinion on the role of the team?


While the electives unit as it stands currently works quite well, I would encourage the team to consider expanding the breadth of opportunities available to students through their electives. Some of you might be familiar with the "humanities electives" that have been made available through the Humanities Department. It is my understanding that this option is not running this year as Dr. Frager is still getting used to her role as the Program Director. Last year, however, 10-15 keen and interested students took the opportunity to get involved with this type of elective. I believe both the elective unit and the humanities program were enriched by this partnership and feel that these types of partnerships should be fostered in the future.

A few examples of other "types" of electives that students are interested in pursuing but are not currently available are: leadership, global health and social accountability/community health. It can be argued that these electives could be pursued if students were able to find an appropriate preceptor, but this is far from easy and often not on a students mind in the rush to find an elective spot. Knowing this, I think the structure of the humanities electives could be used as a template for these other types of electives - with a designated faculty contact.

Again using Leadership as an example, if students were presented with a "leadership elective" as an option, they could complete components of the CMAs Student Leadership Curriculum (attached), spend time looking at health policy, governance within the Dept. of Health or Public Health Office, hospital administration, community-based physician leadership and the list goes on. I'd like to reiterate that having an option like this formalized greatly increases its visibility to students and the likelihood that they will pursue it.


I think this group should consider looking at how the electives unit can incorporate the use of learning portfolios into its assessment.

That's just a few thoughts for now. I will do my best to keep up with emails in the coming weeks but do have an exam coming up that has grabbed much of my attention.


Dave Carver

VP Medical Education, DMSS

Class of 2012