The Art of Communicating Change

Ask anyone what they think is involved in a successful Change project 
and they'll respond... Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! - but ask 
most managers what they should communicate, or how they should 
Communicate, and you'll draw a blank stare.

A Change Management strategy, regardless of what the Change is, must 
address issues common to every Change. If we don't touch on key 
questions and concerns? Then we'll invest time and resources in a less 
than optimal campaign.

In this free webinar - we'll list some good, and some oh so bad ways to 
communicate a Change.

This short presentation (60 min) is a special event sponsored by 
University of Toronto Faculty of Information Professional Learning 
Centre - <>

Peter de Jager ( <>) is 
our speaker for this event. 

To register go to:

The webinar is a small "taste" of the PLC course on Change Management 
and Communication. Peter de Jager will teach our 3-day course: Getting 
Commitment for IM Your Organization: Change Management and Communication 
in January in both Toronto and Ottawa.

Thu. 21 Jan 2010 - Sat. 23 Jan 2010
3 days (18 hours) - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Wed. 27 Jan 2010 - Fri. 29 Jan 2010
3 days (18 hours) - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

This course is credited towards the PLC IM and MIO certificates but it 
can also be taken as a stand-alone.

"5-Star Instructor. His teaching style is so unique providing 
understanding of concepts in a simple and easy way."
"It was a privilege to witness an eloquent and engaging expression of 
"One of the best instructors. Informative, thought-provoking and full of 
fun. Thanks Peter!"