Hello APLA members (and particularly those of you in and around St. John’s),


Erin Alcock here, your APLA 2011 Conference convener, recruiting for a conference planning committee.


Did she say 2011??  Indeed she did.  With this past years Halifax conference still fresh in our minds, spring 2011 seems very far away.  Don’t forget, however, that we need things well in hand so that we may join the good folks in Saint John in only 6 months time and promote our event for the following year.


As your 2009 winds down and you think about what lies ahead for 2010, think about putting some work in to continuing the trend of excellent APLA conferences and having a fine time here in St. John’s.




Erin Alcock

APLA 2011 Conference Convener


Memorial University of Newfoundland

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