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Re. the recent NB Government announcement, one has to like that government weasel word ‘re-profile,’  as in ‘reinstate services’ of $2.9 million to school districts!


A couple of questions: Why did it reach the point of school libraries being cut in the first place? Did the government consult with anyone on their previous decision, and if so, who? If not, why? Lastly, will the School Districts in fact reinstate their own commitment and be a voice for necessary resources in their school libraries, or will they just cave to provincial wishes?


Though I have no evidence on this, I believe the previous decision by the provincial government to make the cuts is based on a continued ignorance amongst some policy makers that; “…everything is on the Internet, so why do we need school libraries?” More critical work needs to be done on the part of librarians (and assistances and technicians) to counter such simple-minded assumptions.


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Subject: [APLA] Resolution from APLA 2009 OGM

Hello APLA Members:


If you were at the APLA 2009 OGM Part 2 you were aware of a resolution regarding the funding cuts to New Brunswick's school libraries.


The membership will be pleased to know that the Government of New Brunswick decided to reinstate the funding to school libraries.  The press release is here http://www.gnb.ca/cnb/news/edu/2009e0973ed.htm and the letters I sent on the association's behalf are available on the APLA website - http://apla.ca .




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