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Education Institute: Next-Gen OPAC! Interviewing! Second Life!

Tuesday, May 19, 1:00 PM ET (10:00 AM PT)
Implementing a Next-Gen OPAC
with Jeff Wisniewski – 1 hour Audio Conference

Find out what you should know, what your vendors aren't telling you, and get insights into all that is Next Gen OPAC. From selection, to implementation, to federated search integration, to evaluation - learn valuable information on the state of the market and get tips on everything from integrating cool free content to promoting your new system to ways to insure your implementation runs smoothly.

Jeff Wisniewski is the Web Services Librarian for the University Library System at the University of Pittsburgh.

Wednesday, May 20, 2:00 PM ET (11:00 AM PT)
Unusual Interview Situations: How to Design Them and How to Survive Them!
with Dr Julie Todaro – 1 hour Audio Conference

Successful interviewing is planned and purposeful. This crucial part of the recruitment process will include a number of strategies and activities designed to uncover each candidate's strengths and potential problem areas. Whether you are a novice or an experienced interviewer, Julie's many years of experience in this area will no doubt provide ideas and examples of benefit to all.

Julie Todaro specializes in the management of all types of libraries. Her career includes academic library management, library school educator, public librarian and school library media specialist. Julie was chosen as one of the seven providers for PLA's Certified Public Library Administrator Program, and co-chairs Dr. Camila Alire's ALA President-Elect Initiative.

Thursday, May 21, 2:00 PM ET (11:00 AM PT)
Second Life Orientation: Set Up Your Avatar and Start Exploring
with Jocelyn Phillips – 1 hour Web Conference

Have you been thinking about exploring Second Life but weren't sure how to get started? Or did you set up an account some time ago and haven't had time to learn the basics. The purpose of this session is to provide an orientation to the essential elements of creating and customizing your own avatar, walking, flying, navigating within the grid and searching for friends, groups, events and sites. The learning curve feels a bit steep at first. This session will make it less so.

Jocelyn Phillips was an early explorer of Second Life and has been an active participant in Second Life education groups and in-world conferences. She would like to share her excitement and interest in the educational opportunities with virtual communities.



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