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Theres are just two more weeks to register for this 6-week online course 
from PLC: Power of One: Information Professionals Working Alone starts 
on Monday, June 8. For a complete schedule of our June and July courses 
please go to This course will not be 
offered again until spring or summer 2010

Mon. 8 Jun 2009 - Sat. 18 Jul 2009
6 weeks
Instructor: Maggie Weaver
Location: online
Fee: $360.00

In a one-person library or information service organization, there never 
seems to be enough time to do the administrative work, never mind the 
professional. When you are working “solo” or with only a few people, 
these stresses can be very intense. This 6-week course covers practical 
management techniques that will make it easier for you to decide among 
conflicting priorities.

You have the opportunity to analyze the services you provide, study your 
customer or patron groups, and develop a plan for marketing and 
promoting a service of your choice. This course provides the added 
benefit of receiving feedback and guidance from the instructor, Maggie 
Weaver, who has years of experience working as a solo information 
professional and has taught several business courses for librarians. 
Students do not work alone, but discuss situations and ideas with Maggie 
and with fellow solos.

"Great course, helpful information, good reading stuff and you'll have 
the feeling you learned something relevant for the real life"
"Your confidence to talk to your boss will be increase at the end of 
week 6".
"A good course for a one person library - really gets you thinking about 
your library and its services from a different perspective"

For more information and to register go to 
or call (416) 978 7111.