Dear APLA colleagues,

The most recent version of the CLA Copyright Working Group meeting agenda
follows. I believe that the views shared with me by APLA members are covered
off in this agenda, *but* if there's special emphasis on any item or if you
would like something else added, by all means let me know.

With all best wishes, Jane Duffy, APLA Representative, CLA Copyright Working

3rd Revised CLA Copyright Working Group Draft Agenda

1.  Government Copyright Consultations  - Given that the government has
 announced that there will be copyright consultations this Summer, how
 does CLA want to approach this?

2.  Copyright Guidelines - CLA copyright guidelines or policies.
 Should we plan to prepare one or more guidelines over the next year?
 Two examples would be digital delivery of interlibrary loans after CCH;
 and alternative formats for the perceptually disabled.

 3.  Copyright Webpages

 4.  Budget money for a policy staff member for CLA.

 5.  Further demand letters? Any institutions reporting demand letters?

 6.  Look at ways that we can participate effectively in CLA's "download

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