Greetings APLA Members,
Presenting the newest initiative of the students of Dalhousie's School of Information Management (SIM), Prospectus 2009 is an online searchable database of SIM's current students that connect employers with potential employees. With six searchable categories and a controlled vocabulary to allow for targeted searching, Prospectus 2009 allows you to view the profiles, résumés and contact information of individuals who anticipate making a significant contribution to the library and information profession.

Information professionals may use this site to:

- Peruse the level of skill and interests expressed by current students in an MLIS programme;
- Locate potential summer employees who meet certain qualifications or conditions (e.g. bilingual; available to work in Alberta);
- Locate students graduating in 2009 who may be potential candidates for a position for which they are hiring (e.g. students whose studies have focused on systems, youth services or information literacy).

We invite you to explore Prospectus 2009 and acquaint yourself with the Dalhousie University School of Information Management's future graduates.

Yours truly,
Prospectus Committee 2009

School of Information Management (SIM)

Faculty of Management
Dalhousie University

**Apologies for cross-posting.