To all APLA groups and members,

The student chapter of the Canadian Library Association at Dalhousie University
has a challenge for all library groups in the Atlantic Provinces.  During two
days of intensive cupcake selling we raised exactly $100 which we are donating
to support ALPA?s efforts to sponsor a library in eastern Ethiopia.  The Mojo
reading room is located in Harare and they are in need of funds to fill a new
larger space with materials.

The student CLA student executive would like to challenge any and all other
library groups to meet or exceed our $100 dollar donation to this very
deserving cause.  Start your fundraising today and post your resulting donation
to the APLA listserv.

Beat our donation if you can . . . WE DARE YOU!!!

Rodney Howland
CLA Student Chapter
Student Executive Secretary

Rodney Howland
MLIS Candidate 2009
School of Information Management
Faculty of Management
Dalhousie University