Writing for the Wired World with Jeff Wisniewski

February 16th to March 27th, 2009.

Certificate of Completion available.


--  Even with all the podcasts, videos, and Flash tutorials in the world, great library web sites need great written content.


--  Writing for the web provides unique opportunities and challenges. 


--  Learn to tailor your material to the medium by finding out what usability studies reveal about how people actually read on-line and what the implications are for developing microcontent, menus, and layout. 


The Education Institute has offered this course in the past, and feedback has been very positive.  One participant wrote "I learned a lot. It was helpful to have the information gathered together for me."  Another commented "Behaviour patterns of internet users was helpful".  And another commented "The web platform was simple and easy to use, and worked from dial up, so it was not bogging down with heavy graphics which has been my experience with similar web-based courses I have taken in the past, using graphic-rich Blackboard platforms."


Jeff Wisniewski is the Web Services Librarian for the University Library System at the University of Pittsburgh.


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