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Dear Member of the Library Community,


Collaborative research teams are becoming the norm within the academic
research environment, especially within the Humanities Computing/Digital
Humanities (HC) environment. Despite this extensive use of research
teams, there are few protocols in place to prepare individuals to work
as part of a team.  To address this gap, we are undertaking work to
identify effective work patterns and intra-team relationships and
recommend supports for existing and future teams. The first step towards
this goal is to learn more about how research teams function within this


We know that libraries and librarians are important partners in the
research done by HC teams.  Therefore we now seek your help.  We are
distributing a questionnaire to the library community in order to learn
more about your experiences and knowledge of research teams.  The survey
is posted until February 27, and can be accessed via


Your input will help us understand the nature of team research,
especially within Humanities and Library environments, and it will help
us develop supports and research preparation tools to maximize the
likelihood of success by minimizing the associated challenges of team


Thank you in advance for your assistance.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:


Richard Cunningham
Lynne Siemens

Director, Acadia Media Centre                                  Assistant

Acadia University
University of Victoria


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Richard Cunningham