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The following course from the Professional Learning Centre are coming up in March and April online. 
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RECORDS MANAGEMENT PRACTICE  <>- limited space only
Mon. 2 Mar 2009 - Sun. 12 Apr 2009
7 weeks
Instructor: Caroline Werle
Fee: $725.00 
Cert: RM Practice

This program expands upon the material covered in the Fundamentals certificate program and is directed towards 
individuals who have either completed the Fundamentals program or who have worked at the Records Technician or Analyst 
level within the Records Management field. Instructors in the Practice program will assume that students are already conversant 
with the topics covered in the Fundamentals program. 

In this seven-week course you will build on the fundamentals of records and information management by focusing on the challenges 
facing the profession today as it relates to effectively managing electronic records. The course focuses on the major components in 
managing the electronic information of an organization and will provide an understanding of what is involved in developing and managing 
an electronic records management program. Trends affecting the world of electronic information management will also be explored. 

Mon. 6 Apr 2009 - Sun. 24 May 2009
7 weeks
Instructor: Gwen Harris
Fee: $435.00 
Optional cert

Which Web search engines are the best? What tool should be used for what purpose? How are they best used? How can I find answers to my questions more quickly? 
This in-depth course will help build skills in using the main tools and most effective strategies for searching the Web.

Mastering Web Searching is a seven-week course conducted entirely via the Internet. The tours, exercises and assignments in this course along with direct tutoring 
from the instructor will give you the hands-on experience you need to search the Web more effectively.

"I wanted a web searching course with some depth, not one of the three-hour or one-day workshops that are normally advertised. That's exactly what I got." 
"I learned so many things. It has changed the way I search the Internet. It's the best course I've had so far." 
"The notes I have from you will be my bible. Thank you again and again. I LOVED taking this course."


Mon. 6 Apr 2009 - Sun. 17 May 2009
6 weeks
Instructor: Maggie Weaver
Fee: $360.00 

In a one-person library or information service organization, there never seems to be enough time to do the administrative work, never mind the professional. 
In today's turbulent business conditions, there is hardly anyone who doesn't feel beset with the demands on time made by customers and bosses or not know 
the pressure to deliver more service at lower cost. When you are working “solo” or with only a few people, these stresses can be very intense. 
This six-week course covers practical management techniques that will make it easier for you to decide among conflicting priorities. 

This course provides the added benefit of receiving feedback and guidance from the instructor, Maggie Weaver, who has years of experience working 
as a solo information professional and has taught several business courses for librarians. Students do not work alone, but discuss situations and ideas 
with Maggie and with fellow solos. 

Mon. 6 Apr 2009 - Sun. 24 May 2009
7 weeks
Instructor: Rebecca Jones
Fee: $435.00 
Optional cert

The technological and organizational changes affecting the workplace have increased the importance of training and staff development 
as an organizational imperative. As organizations expand their investment in information resources and technologies, they increasingly recognize 
that effective learning is a prerequisite to effective decision-making. Information professionals, with their specialized knowledge of information content, 
tools and processes, are well placed to play key roles as organizational learning leaders. 
This seven week course will assist you in assessing the learning needs of your organization and show you how to design an effective training program, 
whether it be based on a delivery method that is face-to-face, e-learning, or blended learning. The course will introduce strategies for making learning 
for adults interactive and relevant and will also present methods for evaluating and determining the Return on Investment of your training activities. 

"If you ever have to do any training, take this course!"
"Definitely take this course! It's practical, the information is thought-provoking and this course is a must for anyone involved in planning and delivering staff training."
“I would recommend this course to any trainer. When one is working full-time it is nearly impossible to attend a F2F course on a schedule. 
"I found the content very helpful and I learned a lot that will help me in my daily work. It's also a great value for a professional course"

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