I agree with Lorraine that sales messages don't belong on this list. 
However, I'm glad that this is such a rare occurrence.

The APLA website ( says:
"The APLA-LIST is an unmoderated discussion list for people who are 
interested in library issues in Atlantic Canada. The list is sponsored 
by APLA to provide a:

* place to post notices about workshops, seminars, and other events
* source of current information about actions of the APLA executive
* forum for sharing questions, comments, and ideas about library services
* a place to post job advertisements."

It also notes that only subscribers can post, but there don't seem to be 
any limits on who can subscribe.

The (slightly outdated) description says that the list is unmoderated, 
but that changed a few years ago after a flurry of spam and other 
inappropriate messages.

When I was moderator of the Dalslis-grad list (also hosted at Dal), each 
message to the list generated an e-mail to me - I had to click a link to 
approve the post before it was released. With an active list like 
APLA-list, it's hardly amazing that the moderator may occasionally slip 
up and approve an inappropriate message.

Thanks to APLA-list postmaster, Sarah Gladwell, for her work in keeping 
the list functioning as well as it does!

Ruth Cordes
Information Consultant

Managing Editor, Canadian Public Documents Collections
Gibson Library Connections

Lorraine Jackson wrote:

> With apologies for duplication Ė it seems that this message may have 
> gotten filtered out of some peopleís mailboxes.
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> I donít know about everyone else on the list, but I donít want to see 
> sales ads here. I understood that only members of this list were able 
> to post to the list.
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