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SIMILE: Studies in Media & Information Literacy Education


SIMILE: Studies in Media & Information Literacy Education, a journal for
those in the fields of information/media studies, library science, and
education, is now available online at
fe5e3dcb7be&pi=15. A subscription to the online version of SIMILE
includes access to archived articles, editorials, and book reviews
dating from 2002. 


Published quarterly, SIMILE features research that advances knowledge
about media and information literacy. The journal explores the ways in
which social and cultural environments impact media production, and
various methods that could be used to teach the skills necessary to
navigate through these environments. SIMILE is an invaluable resource
for librarians and teachers who give instruction in media literacy. 


Free Sample Articles

Recent issues include articles such as "Challenging Islamophobia Through
Visual Media Studies: Inquiring Into a Photograph of Muslim Women on the
Cover of Canada's National News Magazine
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8b41c88c5745c64ffae98d&pi=1) and "New Literacies as a Challenge for
Traditional Knowledge Conceptions in School: A Case Study from Fifth
Graders Digital Media Production"
8b41c88c5745c64ffae98d&pi=2). To read either of these articles, simply
click on the link following the title of the article you'd like to read,
and then click on the PDF file icon that appears on the Journal Article
page. Alternatively, you can cut and paste the article name into your


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