Appologies for cross-posting.
I started a weeding project and I withdrew the following serials:
- Advances in enzymology: vol. 45(1977)-vol. 66(1993)
- Agronomy Journal: v.62 (1971)-v.93(2001)
- Annual review of biochemistry: vol. 24(1955)-vol. 62(1993)
- Annual review of genetics: vol. 10(1976)-vol. 34(2000)
- Crop science: v.1(1961)-v.41(2001)
- Journal of environmental quality: v.1(1972)-v.30(2001)
- Journal of production agriculture: v.1(1988)-v.11(1998)
- New Scientist, 13 January 1990 (vol. 125, no. 1699) to 24/31 December 1994 (vol. 144, nos, 1957/1958)
- Science, 5 January 1990 (vol. 247, no. 4938) to 18 December 1992 (vol. 258, no. 5090)
- Scientific American, January 1967 (vol. 216, no. 1) to December 1982 (vol. 247, no. 6)
- Soil Science Society of America journal: v.40(1976)-v.64(2000)
If you are interested in getting any of these, please let me know at your earliest convenience. I would like to avoid breaking down the sets. Preference will be given to locations asking for a sequence of volumes rather than individual issues.
Requests will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact me if you need more information.
Thank you and have a great day!
-André in Fredericton
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