Dear APLA colleagues,

For your information, the CLA Copyright Working Group met again at the end of
last week and worked on a letter from the Chair to Members of Parliament,
exhorting them to consult with and respond to the Librarians in their
respective constituencies through the summer months. GO to the CLA web page for our updated press release and further related information
on Bill C-61.

Additionally, some APLA members may not be aware that Michael Geist, noted
professor of law at University of Ottawa - and key note APLA 2008 keynote
speaker! - has an interesting and informative blog on Copyright legislation.
The Copyright Committee consults it regularly. Please check it out at
for Geist's daily, sometimes hourly, take on Canadian Copyright. A snippet from
yesterday's offering as an example:

"Today marks the first day of the House of Commons summer recess, yet there are
just 61 weekdays until it is scheduled to resume on September 15th.  In light
of that numerical coincidence, I am planning to run a 61 Reforms for C-61
series by posting a new necessary reform to the deeply flawed Canadian DMCA
each weekday thoughout the recess.  Many of the proposed changes will
unsurprisingly focus on the anti-circumvention provisions.  The 61 day series
will be aggregated here..."

I will provide more CLA information as soon as it's available.  I appreciate the
feedback I am getting from many of you and am proud of the contribution I can
make on your behalf to the Copyright Working Group. Thanks for your interest
and support!

Jane Duffy


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