Many thanks to Jane for putting this together. This is a very important
issue and one the membership feels strongly about. I encourage you all
to take the time to send letters. 

One will be going out from association by the end of the week. 

Many thanks, Su 

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Dear APLA members,

I have heard from some of you that you were unable to use the link to
copyright letter to your MP template included in the message I posted
yesterday. So, here's the path to access the template for a letter to
your MP:

1) go to the CLA home page, which is
2) go to the menu running directly under the CLA logo; the second
selection from
the left is "Resources"
3) click on "Resources" and a drop down menu appears, of which one
selection is
"Copyright Information"
4) click on "Copyright Information"
5) a text box adjacent to the first paragraph of this page contains a
link to a
"Grassroots Advocacy Kit"
6) Click on "View the Advocacy Kit"
7) a text box adjacent to the first paragraph of this page contains a
link to
"Sample Letter"
8) Click on "Sample Letter"
9) Customize and send

Again, it takes only 10 minutes to customize the letter!

Thanks for your help advocating a key Atlantic Canadian Library

Jane Duffy, APLA Copyright Representative
Jane C. Duffy, M.A., M.L.S.
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