Dear APLA members,

As your new APLA Copyright Representative, I am writing to remind you of the
urgent need for us all to contact our MP's in Atlantic Canada regarding fresh
discussions of new Copyright legislation.

These fresh discussions of new Copyright legislation are scheduled to take place
in Ottawa the
week of June 2 (next week!), so please advise your MP as soon as possible of our
shared concerns that fair dealing for all Canadians be ensured in *any* new
copyright legislation.

These concerns include: 1) any new copyright legislation
must ensure all Canadians have access to information "without complexity,
significant expense or hardship" while protecting individuals' privacy rights
when using that information; 2) government documents and government data belong
to all Canadians and they should have unfettered and free access to them; 3)
persons with disabilities must have equitable acess to to copyrighted
materials; 4) new legislation must protect an individual's right "to circumvent
technical measures to make a single legal copy".

How to send your letter effectively and quickly in less than 10 minutes????
Please go to the Canadian Library Association Copyright Information Centre's
Grassroots Advocacy Kit for a sample letter that covers all our concerns:

Download, customize and send your completed letter to your MP, whom you can
locate and research easily through this Web site:

Let's show our MP's that Library and Information Professionals in the Atlantic
Provinces are committed to the *right* direction for Canadian Copyright

Keep watching the APLA listserv for exciting copyright updates in days to come!

Best wishes in the meantime, Jane Duffy, APLA Copyright Representative
Jane C. Duffy, M.A., M.L.S.
Associate University Librarian
Dalhousie University
6225 University Ave.
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 4H8

Ph: (902) 494-6005
Fax: (902) 494-2062
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