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IM Public Lecture

Student Research- Virtual Reference, Open Source and Zines, L. Brin, A.
Stevens, Z. Howarth-Schueler


Date:                Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Time:                11:45 - 12:45

Location:          Rowe 5001



Open Source Software: UPEI's Virtual Reference Environment Project, Lise


With the continued expansion of the Open Source Software (OSS) community,
increasing numbers of versions of Open Source Software exist. This means
ongoing improvements, additions and increasing support within the OSS
community. Meanwhile, the costs associated with the use and ongoing updates
to proprietary software and vendor fees for libraries' integrated and other
electronic systems are becoming burdensome. Also, some proprietary systems
allow for very little flexibility and customization.


The University of Prince Edward Island's (UPEI) Robertson Library is a
leader amongst Canadian institutions exploring how Open Source Software
might replace currently used vendor-provided and proprietary software, and
in rethinking the role and services of academic libraries.


This Reading Course has offered me the unique opportunity to gain practical
insight into a non-traditional library initiative by working as part of the
Development Team for UPEI's Virtual Research Environment. I explored a
combination of software built on Drupal and Fedora systems to create a
full-service multi-featured collaborative work environment for academic
research teams. I will describe more fully the goals and progress of the
project, and report on some of my observations and involvement in the


Experiences in Open Source: Creating an Alternative Library Catalogue with
Free/Open-Source Software, Amanda Stevens and Zac Howarth-Schueler


What happens when two library and information studies students attempt to
create a customized catalogue and circulation system for a small alternative
library using a popular open source content management system? This
presentation will answer this question.


The Anchor Archive Regional Zine Project is Halifax's independent
circulating library for zines (self-published, non-commercial booklets or
magazines), and it is in need of an online public access catalogue and
circulation system to manage its collection and facilitate access. Drupal is
a Free/Open-Source content management system for the web that is highly
modular and flexible and increasingly being used for a variety of web-based
applications, especially in libraries. 


In this presentation, Zac Howarth and Amanda Stevens will discuss their
efforts to leverage Drupal's highly modular framework and network of
community support to create a customized system that works for the unique
collection, patrons, and administration of the Anchor Archive Zine Library.



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