Friends of CHN - Last Chance to sign the petition



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Sent: January 24, 2008 12:51 PM
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Subject: Friends of CHN - Last Chance to sign the petition


Dear All,

I’m sending this to you on behalf of the Friends of CHN.

We’ve decided to send the petition to the prime minister and minister of health on February 14th, asking them to “have a heart” and save the CHN.

It would be great to hit that 5,000 signature target before we do. So we’re asking you to tell everyone you know (and even some you don’t) that the petition must be signed!

We’ve noticed spikes in signatures when the message gets posted in a newsletter or on a listserv so we’re asking that you post this message on all your newsletters and listservs – even if you’ve already done so once, send it again with a “last chance” or “get those numbers up” message. Just to make it easier for you, here’s a draft message you can send (this message is being translated – please let me know if you need it in French):

Canada's leading web-based bilingual source for non-commercial health information is slated for closure on March 31, 2008, even though the Federal Government has a surplus.

Friends of CHN ( is an ad hoc group whose objective is to focus attention on the closure and its impact, and to try to turn this decision around. We have created a petition addressed to Prime Minister, Stephen Harper and Minister of Health, Tony Clement with the following message:

“We the undersigned support the Canadian Health Network. We demand that the funding cut required of the Public Health Agency of Canada be rescinded, that full, stable funding for the Canadian Health Network be restored immediately, and that this valuable Canadian health information resource continue to be developed to become the best of its kind in the world.”

Please act today to preserve the Canadian Health Network. Sign this petition at and add your voice to the many that are defending non-commercial, publicly funded health information for all Canadians.

Time is running out! We will be sending this petition to the federal government on February 14, 2008. Sign now and tell your friends and colleagues about this action.

While you’re signing things, send a letter (or make use of a sample letter we have provided) to your MP, the Minister of Health, and the Prime Minister; for addresses and sample letters see

Thank you,

Friends of CHN

Catherine Bryant
Communications Specialist/Spécialiste des Communications
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