Canadian Librarians:


We’ve been challenged, and national pride is at stake!


For the 2007 World Library and Information Congress in Durban, South Africa, Australian librarians conducted a grass-roots fundraising campaign “Libs for Africa” to support the participation of African librarians at the Congress. Through local drives, they raised AU$10,900 (approximately CDN$9,500) and supported 16 African delegates.


For the 2008 WLIC in Quebec City, they’ve challenged Canadian librarians to do the same, in support of librarians from South America, Central America and the Caribbean.


How did the Aussies do it? Fun events: an African dinner, morning teas, bake sales, raffles. Low-key, modest efforts that will pay huge dividends in countries that really need the help.


How about it? Are Canadian librarians up to the challenge?


Some ideas:

·        Raffle off home-made baking.

·        Rent your favourite Canadian/Quebec film and have movie evening/night.

·        Do a Quebecois Feast for the department. Tourtiere, anyone?


The contribution deadline is coming up, so now is the perfect time to have some fun and raise funds for a great cause!


This campaign is organized by Bibliomondialis: Canadian Partnership for Libraries Bridge-Building / Partenaires canadiens pour des échanges en milieu documentaire, an incorporated Canadian charity created by association pour l’avancement des sciences et des techniques de la documentation (ASTED) and the Canadian Library Association / Association canadienne des bibliothèques (CLA).


Donations should be sent to:


c/o Canadian Library Association

328 Frank St.

Ottawa, ON K2P 0X8


Contributions will be accepted until April 15, 2008Charitable donations (not raffle or meal tickets) from individuals or corporations in excess of $25 are eligible for a receipt for income-tax purposes.


The bursaries will be awarded through Bibliomondialis and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions,


More information:

Libs for Africa,







Don Butcher, MBA
Executive Director
Canadian Library Association/Association canadienne des bibliothèques

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Ottawa, ON K2P 0X8

613-232-9625 ext. 306

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